Contact me with your tattoo request – please be as detailed as possible. I will do my best to respond to all tattoo requests as quickly as possible.

Due to the increasing demand for my tattoos, I will be unable to take on every request that I receive. To ensure the absolute best outcome for every project, and to maintain the highest quality possible, I always try to make sure the work I take on is a a good stylistic fit. Please be as specific and descriptive as you can in explaining your project, ideas, placement and size.

If for any reason we aren’t able to work together, I work with many skilled and talented artists at Bound By Design that may be able to support your vision.

*I will return ALL received emails, typically within 7 days.

*Please review your submitted information for accuracy as I cannot return emails if the address is wrong. If your email was not returned, please resubmit it with correct contact information. 

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I make tattoos at Bound by Design in Denver CO. Striving to be as good as my mom tells me that I am.