Thank you for taking the time to enjoy the pictures, stories and information contained throughout this site. It is an absolute pleasure to share with you my lives work and passion.

Please keep in mind that I try to take on every request that I receive, but I am specifically looking to take on the projects that allow me to utilize my own style, inspirations and creative input to its fullest. I only tattoo in my own art and style, and although it is very diverse, this is the only way that I can ensure the highest degree of quality I can offer.

I will not finish projects previously started by others, but will do cover-ups when that option is available.


I have an hourly rate of $150. I have a three hour minimum, but prefer booking four-six hour sessions for large, multi session projects.


I tattoo by appointment only.

I am best suited for large coverage, multiple session projects. Large tattoos, such as sleeves, chests, legs, sides, and backs require many sessions to complete. You will be required to make numerous appointments and get tattooed at least once a month, if not more, in order to complete the project in a timely manner.

It can be frustrating when the excitement of a project dwindles due to improper planning. Also, if too much time lapses between sessions rework and touch-ups will be required to make the tattoo appear seamless.

So, with some proper planning you don’t have to pay twice.

I am not exclusive to large tattoos and will take on certain smaller projects.


Consultations are required before any project can be properly started. All consultations (with exceptions) will be done in person or through Skype/FaceTime. Once a design/concept is agreed upon and appointments are set, a deposit in the amount of $150 will be required. The deposit will hold your appointments for all following sessions and will be applied to the last session of your tattoo.

Your deposit is NON REFUNDABLE.

Appointments that need to be changed must be done within 48 hours of your appointment or your deposit will be forfeited and a new deposit must then be paid.

Your deposit will also be forfeited should you cancel entirely.

All No-Call No-Shows will be blacklisted!


Overall, the less restrictive you are about your design, size and style, the more excited I will be to work with you and your project.

Creative freedom is necessary in order for me to give you the best tattoo possible. Due to my hectic schedule I am unable to send pictures of drawings. You will see your drawing the day of your tattoo appointment, any last minute changes can be done as long as they don’t interfere with the integrity of the design.

In rare instances, a second consultation may be booked to solidify the design and concepts. This is done in specific circumstances in order for me to be absolutely sure of the design and overall goal between client and myself are met.


Please regard your appointment as professional as possible and keep guests to an absolute minimum. The more I have to pay attention to your kids or friends, the less amount of attention I have to focus on your tattoo.


I do not tattoo anybody under the age of eighteen. No exceptions.

I will do underage consultations and set appointments for after birthdays.


I am lucky to have a large and wonderfully loyal clientele. I feel thankful daily for all I have been offered, I couldn’t ask for a better group of people that I am lucky to know, and I thank you all!

Because of the grateful and overwhelming request for my work, 3-6 months advance may be needed before I will be able to work with you. Please plan accordingly, and I thank you in advance for your patience.

Although, if patience is not your virtue, there are many skilled and talented artist that I work with at Bound By Design that may have sooner availabilities.

Thank you for showing interest in my work. It is a compulsive passion for me to push myself every day. I look forward to meeting and working with you, and giving you my absolute greatest result.